Rollermat AQUA

Rollermat AQUA
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Fully automatic fine filter for garden ponds and aquariums

With the Rollermat, contaminants are removed from the & nbsp; Removes pond or aquarium water, which relieves the biological filter. The result is clear water and healthy fish. The water is filtered through a fine fleece and automatically carried on from a roller as soon as it clogs. The fleece is so fine that even single-cell parasites like Ichtyo can be held back.

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How it works:

The polluted water enters the Rollermat by gravity or via a pump. Through the filter fleece & nbsp; the water flows into & nbsp; the drum and from there back into the filter tank or into the pond or aquarium & nbsp;. If the fleece is loaded with dirt particles, & nbsp; & nbsp; the filtration performance decreases. The water level in the filter housing then rises. There is a float switch in the Rollermat. If the water level rises to the switch, it sets the motor in motion and the fleece is pulled a little further - fully automatically. Fresh fleece is stretched onto the drum - until the entire roll is exhausted.

This takes 3 - 6 months - depending on the amount of dirt in the pond and the roller used.

The dirt will & nbsp; from & nbsp; removed from the water before it is biodegraded. This relieves the biofilter in the pond and the protein skimmer in the saltwater aquarium.

When the roll is used up, it can be exchanged for a new roll in a few simple steps. To remove the soiled fleece from the roll, it can be pulled apart. The fleece can then be removed and disposed of.

Features of the roller mat:

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  • Efficient mechanical filtration through fine filter fleece.
  • Automatic further transport of the fleece.
  • Easy change of the dirty fleece roll
  • The fleece rolls are 15 cm wide, this allows a throughput of up to 2700l / hour, depending on the water quality and load.
  • Only minimal power consumption, on average less than 0.1 watt
  • 12V safety voltage.
  • Dimensions: 42 cm x 23.5 cm x 45.5 cm (L x W x H)
  • including a roll of fleece

    For garden ponds and aquariums up to 5000l content

The fleece rolls are available in 2 qualities:

Aquarium fleece: 40g / m², approx. 35 m long
Pond fleece: 20g / m², & nbsp; about 90 m long

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more information is available here: and_Rollermat.html

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